Therapy Animals

SJC was the first airport to offer therapy dogs in the terminals, starting shortly after 9/11 to help calm passengers’ nerves before flying.

SJC’s Interfaith Chaplain Volunteer Kathryn Liebschutz owned a trained rescue/therapy Boxer/Great Dane mix dog named Orion.  She asked for permission to bring Orion to SJC to alleviate travelers’ anxieties about taking to the skies again. Orion was an immediate hit with passengers and employees alike as he and Kathryn spent long hours during that week offering comfort.

Today, SJC has 25 active therapy dogs and 2 therapy cats that visit the terminals frequently. There are a variety of breeds and sizes that greet our travelers, each one as full of love as the next.

Image of Theo Bacon
Theo Bacon

Swedish Vallhund
Image of Thomas Hardy
Thomas Hardy

Golden Retriever
Image of Widget

Image of Wyatt

Queensland Heeler