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There’s always something happening here at America’s fastest-growing major airport, and this is the spot where we’ll post ideas, info, and the fun, interesting or offbeat items that might make your travel a little more memorable.

Image of Kauai

Kauai, the oldest landmass in the Hawaiian island chain, can be characterized by its geographically outward, dramatic yet mature, nature.

Image of Minneapolis and St. Paul
Minneapolis and St. Paul

In Minneapolis, you’ll find everything you’d expect in a large, glitzy city: skyscrapers, hotels, shops, restaurants, even some unusual urban art… but you’ll quickly notice that concrete jungle Min

Image of Boston

Just like Silicon Valley, Boston is a leading tech and innovation center with and many tech companies like Google, IBM, Amazon, Uber, and Facebook in the vicinity.

Image of Denver

Are you ready for an outdoorsy vacation experience over the holidays? Try Denver for a breath of fresh air.

Image of Nashville

The cradle of country music and the home of legendary entertainment, Nashville is a mecca for concert-goers and performers alike.

Image of Maui

When you picture a palm-lined sandy beach fringed by foamy turquoise water, you likely imagine a scene like this:

Image of Flying With Pets at SJC
Flying With Pets at SJC

Flying with pets can be both fun and scary — for you and your animal. To help make your journey a 'walk in the park', we've identified some key pointers to help you navigate our airport.

Image of Beijing

As the capital of China, Beijing is not only China’s second largest populous city, but it also has a history dating back nearly 5,000 years.

Image of Toronto-Waterloo Region
Toronto-Waterloo Region

Colloquially known as the “Silicon Valley of the North” and “Canada’s Downtown”, Toronto is a lively city with a quickly-growing tech scene and a long list of must-see attractions.

Image of Tucson

Tucson is a hot destination year-round in so many ways. It’s a place to relax and free your mind, body, and soul.

Image of Long Beach
Long Beach

Unlike most of California’s oceanfront cities, Long Beach boasts an urban downtown waterfront--blending the casual atmosphere of a beach town with the electric hum of an exciting big city.

Image of London

London, globally-renowned for its history and grandeur, is a crossroads of towering skyscrapers, world-famous museums and galleries, Michelin-starred restaurants, and white-glove