Airport Badging Appointments


SIDA Badge Test

Testing is required every 2 years.
Testing time: up to 2 hours

SIDA Badge Test with Ramp Driving

Testing is required every 2 years.
Testing time: up to 2.5 hours

SIDA Badge Test - First Alarm, MAOP or Translation

Annual testing is required.
Testing time: up to 3 hours

Sterile Badge Test

Testing is required annually (every two years for Volunteers and City Employees)
Testing time: up to 1.5 hours.

Non-SIDA Badge Testing

Testing is required every 2 years.
Testing time: from 40 minutes (City GA Tenants only) to 1.5 hours (all other tenants)

Public Badge Test

Testing is required every 2 years.
Testing time: up to 1 hour

Security Strike Testing

Test taken in relation to an issued Security Strike. Must be taken within 5 business days of receiving a Security Strike.

Adding Ramp Drivers or MAOP Icon

To add the Ramp or MAOP icon to a current active badge.
Testing time: up to 45 minutes


New Applicant/ Fingerprinting

An applicant applying for a new SJC badge. Services include fingerprinting only (no testing).

Pick Up VTA SmartPASS

To pick up a SmartPASS, please bring your completed application.

Authorized Signatory Training

Authorized Signatory Training is for current authorized signatories only. This training is required annually.

Swapping Tenants/ Dual Badge

Swapping Tenants is to start the process to swap badge from one tenant to another. Includes fingerprints if needed. Dual Badges are necessary if you are working for more than one airport tenant.

Legal Name Change

This appointment is to provide proof of a legal name change. A new security threat assessment must be completed before the legal name change is printed on the badge. A secondary appointment to pick up the badge is required once the STA has cleared. Proof of legal name change and a new application is required.

6 Month Badge Extension

This appointment is for badge holders to extend the introductory 6 month badge to the full 2 year expiration date. A signed badge application is required.

Badge Replacement (Lost/Broken Badges)

Additional Requirements: A letter from the Authorized Signatory authorizing the replacement and establishing payment responsibility.
Cost: $125 per badge replacement. (No Appointment Necessary)