Airport Noise Office

The SJC Noise Office continues to receive a significant number of complaints from communities both in and around the City of Sunnyvale during South Flow operations. Please read the December 2016 Update for actions the SJC Noise Office has taken to date in response to the increase in complaints.

The Airport Noise Office monitors the aircraft noise impacts on the surrounding communities. Review of Noise Monitoring System Data identifies aircraft arrival and departures. The center maintains a database that records both aircraft operations and noise inquiries. This information is available in the form of a Monthly Noise Summary found below.

Public input on Airport Noise issues are heard at the Airport Commission meetings, generally held quarterly at the Airport administrative offices. For information on the next scheduled meeting, please visit the Airport Commission page.

Please use this link: [Submit a Complaint] to file a complaint.

NOTE: The Noise Office Staff will only contact residents who request contact and the event happened during curfew hours.

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